Simeon Weinraub

Creative Producer

As a creator of original content, I use storytelling to reach targeted audiences and to grow business. 

Teaching Media Arts in Boyle Heights

Starting next month, I will be teaching media arts at the Boyle Heights Technology Youth Center. The school there is looking for ways to boost attendance, and I proposed two classes. The first is a personal narrative podcast class, where students will write short essays, and then we will work to find the best way and voice to present those stories. We have the assistance of Mihkil Zumweffii and the Friends of The Little Village Recording Studio, who will show students how to engineer and mix the audio. We will also be using music from local bands.

The goal is to teach students how to plan out and refine, and then produce projects. It is also to help the center promote itself by using media produced by people who are the intended audience, knowing that they will share this media with their friends.

The other class, which should begin in April, is a video production class. I intend to run the class like a studio, with each student being an executive, a creative, talent, and crew. The idea is to teach them some history and criticism, but to focus on production. Have them pitch ideas, work collaboratively to refine scripts, and then select which work to produce. What we make will be up to them.