Simeon Weinraub

Creative Producer

As a creator of original content, I use storytelling to reach targeted audiences and to grow business. 

I am a creative producer, specializing in original content, strategic content, targeted content, business storytelling, commercial, industrial, educational, and training videos. I started work in television, movies, commercials, and music videos, and maintain contacts and resources from the entertainment industry. But, I was more interested in the internet as a platform for storytelling, and shifted my primary focus there by the end of the nineties. Since then, I have had opportunities to cover events like E3 and Comic Con, develop online learning courses, produce documentaries, write and direct commercials, promotional videos, PSAs, and create a wide variety of content.

From 1999 through 2008, I was working at EMA Multimedia/Obedient Media, an marketing and design firm, as the head of production for all new original content (video/audio/photographic). In that time frame, I also did some freelance production work, as well as creating some personal projects. Here is a small sample of work from that period.

In 2006, EMA/Obedient Media was hired By columbia Pictures to create video for a behind the scene blog for the movie Ghost Rider. We interviewed the producer, director, and stars. Here is some of that work.

From 2005, through 2008, EMA Multimedia/Obedient Media was hired to do coverage of San Diego Comic Con for all of the divisions of Sony Pictures. I was producer, field producer, and director for 3 to 5 camera crews. We did red carpet coverage and interviews, panel discussions, fan interviews, behind-the-scenes work, coverage of the Sony booth, and special even coverage. All of this was done as work for hire, and they kept all of the video ... Except for this. 

In 2008, The Los Angeles City Council held a vote to decide if the remaining land in the Ballona Wetlands was going to be developed, set aside for wetlands conservation, or designated for some other use. The Ballona Wetlands Trust launched a campaign to get Angelenos to urge their council members to vote for conservation. The campaign included information kiosks in the lobbies of some theaters, accompanied by this PSA.