Simeon Weinraub

Creative Producer

As a creator of original content, I use storytelling to reach targeted audiences and to grow business. 

The classic dilemma, do your job, or look for work. Most of my recent work is long form documentary, seminars, lectures, online training courses, realtime multiple camera coverage of clinical case studies, and other work that does not translate well into a quick and accessible overview. While I am in the process of organizing my newer content, and building this site, please look at my Vimeo page.

Five Keys Charter School is a high school located in community sites and in the county jails in California. They serve a community of students whose education was interrupted, and who want to go back and finish high school. The school asked me to create a video to be played at their graduation ceremony. Because their classrooms are in community sites across Southern California,  I had teachers shoot pictures and video on their mobile phones and send them to me. This created a challenges in making the various qualities of images, sound, and video work together.  

Special thanks to Mihkil Zumweffii for the audio mix.

*If you find the audience six distracting, please note that they are there to cover other "stray" sounds, and this piece was designed to play in a large auditorium, filled with cheering families. It worked.

In September of 2014, Sue and Siegfried Othmer, and other clinicians associated with The EEG Institute were invited to present a neurofeedback course for the doctors of Men-Tsee-Khang, the Tibetan Medical Institute at  Dharamsala,India.

There, they were given the opportunity to test their new 2 channel synchrony program, which is meant to provide effects similar to deep state meditation. A Venerable Monk, and long practiced meditator, agreed to try the system and compare it to his own practice.

In June of 2015, I was brought the video and images from that trip, and asked to make this document, which was used in clinical conferences and then, eventually presented to the Dalai Lama. 

My client shot this himself, and sent it to me to clean up and edit. The version with graphics and music lives behind their paywall.

Art Fixtures, a well-established designer and manufacturer of stands for art and artifacts,  adapted one of their stand designs for use with tablets. They needed short, simple videos for their website and social media campaign. I partnered with producer David Barnblatt, and together we came up with these single shot videos.